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Real estate law is one of the most important areas of law. There are many situations that warrant hiring a real estate attorney. Whether you’re a tenant, landlord, buyer, seller, or homeowner, you may be looking for a real estate attorney near me in Cobb County, GA. Each of those individuals has distinct rights relating to land. When you find a real estate lawyer near me, you’ll receive the expert legal advice you need to defend your interests and exercise your rights. Below, we review several ways that our firm assists you regarding real estate.

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Real Estate Attorney Near Me

Attorney Bruce Baggarly has worked with many clients in all areas of real estate law. One of the most misunderstood areas is the landlord/tenant dynamic. Each party has distinct rights, so parsing who owes whom what in Cobb County, GA can be difficult. In Georgia, tenants have occupancy rights that are designed to protect them from landlords throwing them onto the street. On the other hand, landlords have the right to evict delinquent or dangerous tenants. Most citizens don’t know how far each party’s rights extend, so you should seek a real estate attorney near me when in doubt.

Another instance wherein landlords get help from a real estate attorney is drafting lease agreements. Some landlords attempt to write an agreement on their own but run into problems. For example, they will omit crucial protections relating to a security deposit or overstep their bounds regarding restrictions on tenant behavior. In either case, these errors may cause significant legal problems if the lease winds up before an arbitrator.

Real Estate Law

Homeowners and prospective homeowners also should look into finding a real estate lawyer near me. Do you know what municipal regulations regarding land use affect your home? Are you aware of federal or state incentives available for improving your land? Most homeowners are simply too busy to conduct the research necessary to learn this information. Fortunately, our firm assigns a real estate attorney to review your property, your mortgage, and any applicable real estate law. After we review these considerations, we’ll provide ample relevant information regarding your rights.

Similarly, if you are buying or selling your home, there are significant legal ramifications. It’s no surprise that buying a home is frequently cited as one of the most stressful occasions in your life. By the time you’ve finished signing all the documents, your hand is about ready to fall off. Do you know exactly what you signed, though? Each document has the force of law behind it, so you must understand what each means. Otherwise, you expose yourself to legal risks. Speak with a real estate attorney for clear, comprehensible information.

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Real Estate Lawyer Near Me

Anyone who has a residence, whether owned or leased, is affected by real estate law. When you have questions regarding land use, don’t take a risk. Consult a real estate attorney before investing in a new deck, tool shed, or green roof. You must find a real estate lawyer near me because acting in violation of the law can give you a tremendous headache. Avoid fines and other penalties by complying with the law in all situations. We want to help you know your rights as a tenant, landlord, or homeowner. After an initial consultation, we’ll review the laws relevant to your property and give you helpful advice.

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